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Chicago Translation

Ha!Ha!Ha! I love the carabaos! Nice photos!

Seeing Anew

These are beautiful animals -- I've never seen a photo of one (much less the real thing) before. Interesting account of the festival - thanks for sharing.


Impressive carabao shots!

I've always wanted to go to the Carabao Fest, but somehow, I didn't have an opportunity in the past.


What a pretty water buffalo. I'd never thought I would say that :) I'm getting popup ads when I comment. I'll try another computer and let you know if I'm still getting them.


Haha... it's like you actually made the carabao pose for you!


LOL, they dress 'em, shave 'em, paint 'em and they're also taught how to kneel. WOW!

Ashish Sidapara

Thats painful! I did alot of "kneeling down facing the wall" during my school days ;-)


wow! i'm relly amazed with your photography skills :)

and i'm amazed with the farmers on teaching their carabaos tricks :)


these pictures are great ... i really have to go to pulilan next year :)

Lisa Ruokis

Awwwww ~~ she's so pretty! What a lovely pose! :)
I don't know if your pictures had anything to do with it Sidney, but I dreamt about a baby calf last night!


Such sad, beautiful eyes.

Nice to see you back - it seems like ages!


A fine series , as your habits.


That second image is a favorite - almost as if the carabao is hunkering down to arm wrestle.

Serge Cornelus

Kneeling carabaos? And I can't even get my cat to behave properly... Some nice photos. As usual!


nice series... :)


You're brave to get that close!


like what i said when i saw the "great elephants" in Thailand who can play soccer and the Philippines, we have carabaos who can do that much! hehe. but i guess it will take time before they could even play the basics.


Well, these photos are actually very inspirational. It gives me hope that if these "stubborn" animals can be so well trained, perhaps my kiddoes can be too!
Ha, kidding..
Good captures, they actually look very sweet...


Wow! Beautiful pictures. A great photo blog to see. I will link you for sure.


A carabao kneeling... It just proves that sometimes an animal learns better than man.


Another great series, animal and people shots, and interesting commentary to go w ith it.


wow..don't beleive we can train them....i know they kinda stubborn:-P great capture...kinda cute wt little pink flowers on:-)


The bottom one is so cute!!! Love it!

Stardog Champion

I really like the second shot, the way it fills up the frame. The flower and bell on the head are really cute, too.

Ashwathy Nair

The expression in the second so sad...

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